Export of Gold and Recovery of Funds

Export of Gold and Recovery of Funds

Grant Hopkinson Consultancy and Law Firm can assist with all regulatory and procedural compliance within London UK . We can be instructed to carry out due diligence, obtain requisite licenses, broker deals, review and manage Letters of Intent and other agreements, ensure that signed contracts are sealed by the High Court as well as facilitate the arrangements for trips in and out of London UK .

In order to better assist you, email us your specific request in relation to an upcoming transaction including:-


-Type of precious mineral/s

-Current stage of transaction/s

-Outstanding due diligence matters that are of particular concern and

-Whether any of your representatives are currently in the country

With that, we can set out the next steps in an email to you within 2 days.

Recovery of Funds

In the event that a gold transaction you have entered has lead to the loss of funds, contact us today regarding services related to: reporting the matter to the necessary government departments, negotiating on your behalf and/or litigating in order to ensure the recovery of funds.